First I try to understand the target audience. The best solutions come from the best insights into human behavior.

  • Understand the Market: Competitor analysis, Trend analysis.
  • Customer Empathy: Personas, Profiles, Mental models.
  • Product Strategy: Value Proposition, Elevator or pitch, Prioritization.


I create low-resolution prototypes to be able to test a wide range of possible solutions. I build only enough to test my idea, and I iterate on it until it's exactly what's needed.

  • Ideation: Sketching, Storyboards.
  • Prototype: Mockups, Illustrated scenarios.


I test prototypes with real users in specific context, observe their reactions and analyze feedback.

  • Sketch options: Sketching, Storyboards.
  • Prototype solutions: Clickable / Tappable UIs, Transitions, Animations.


Real world usage can show unexpected usage patterns, common struggles and define the trajectory for the future product improvement.

  • Flesh out a solution: Flows, Wireframes, Mocks, Code.
  • User test: Heuristics, User Testing.
  • Refine: Flows / Wireframes, Mocks, Code.