Category: Mobile Application, Website | Skills: Product Design


Visva is a recommendation system is purely based on natural browsing behaviors of users, and it's AI technology decodes users’ intentions to find the relevant content. It's is a unique way to provide content in the current market of social media.

Visva provides content based on personal needs without any use of personal information. The business idea supports this vision by offering content to people without the need to search, filter or follow.


Create a way to have relevant content without spending the time to find it and provide personal information.

For teens and young adults interested in self-expression; (while considering investor's point of view and the part they play).

Keeping in mind a new user should use the Visva product at least 5 minutes 3 times a week before the product before recommendation system is learned natural browsing behaviors of a user, and our AI technology decodes users’ intentions to find the relevant content.

We aim to provide a user-friendly interface for the creation and consumption of the content. We suppose to develop a way to keep users engaged while recommendation system decodes users’ intentions to provide the relevant content. Also, make an extraordinary for social media features of the app is easy to understand at a glance.

We need to test the assumptions that people are looking for a most natural way to get relevant information, care about privacy, want to express himself.

My role

I'm the only designer on the team. I'm responsible for all phases of the User Experience process. My work process includes creating scenarios, mapping and modeling experiences, wireframing and prototyping. I also do UI design and help developers with implementation for Mobile and Web by creating code snippets.


I'm trying to make my design easy to understand not only for target audience but also for developers. Before working on UI I'm doing researches, sketches and discussing ideas with my team.

Visva Sketch
Sketch of the new user flow
Design process of New Post Creation

Layouts and grid is the first step in my process. It helps me to make all the design consistent. Once design is approved, developers like to use the grid to check all sizing and spacings. Also, it helps a lot with designing similar pages. This approach works well for Mobile Design as well as for Web.

Layouts and grids assets for developers.

Even if I'm working on a design of a single screen, I connect it with user flow. The flow is a complete story from call to action to the point when a task is done. The best way to feel a flow is to turn your designs into interactive prototypes. A prototype helps to understand the better scenario of use. While a team is playing with it, I already can notice some pain points in the interface. I get useful feedback from developers on the early stage of design.

This approach works well for Mobile Design as well as for Web.

I use Sketch prototyping tool to create rapid interactive prototypes for Web and Mobile.

Interactive Sketch prototype by Natalia Koldaeva

I can make a prototypes for iOS using Xcode and Swift. I prefer switching to Xcode if I need to test transitions or animations. Base knowledge in development allows me to communicate with developers more efficiently.

Interactive prototype made in Xcode with Swift by Natalia Koldaeva

For current project I use Sketch Cloud to share my prototypes and get feedback from the team. I use Zeplin to provide approved designs to developers and create design system.

Design system in Zeplin by Natalia Koldaeva